Is it only me who is exited about new 35-70?

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Re: Is it only me who is exited about new 35-70?

goodbokeh wrote:

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I really want to like this lens and it performs great stopped down, but I'm sure the retractable design is allowing dust/debris into the lens housing. I can live with a bit of dust but the larger sized stuff worries me as I'd like to use the camera in light rain, and now I'm reluctant.

Front focus issue wide open at the long end of the zoom still an issue, hoping for a firmware update.

Hi Tokitaro, a couple questions, I have the 35-70 on pre-order:

- Does your 70mm front focus happen at all distances.

- On the dust/debris. Has this happened since you acquired the lens and do you use a protection filter or run bare.

Thanks, Doug

Hi Doug

The issue gets less obvious as the point of focus moves further away, but I'm not sure how much of that relates to depth of field. It's very obvious close to minimal focusing distance at 63-70mm. I use AF + MF to adjust for the error.

Regarding the dust, I'm not totally sure. It's possible there was something inside the housing or between the elements and it's only recently dislodged. The one bit of debris that's bothering me almost looks like a slither of metal. I'll keep my eye on it and see if it gets any worse. It has no impact on the output that I can see but I rarely stop down past f11.

Well, that is unfortunate. Maybe you should send it in to Fuji for service while you're in warranty. That debris will certainly hurt your lens resale value down the road.

Candidly, with this focus issue reported by you and others trickling in and the lack of bench tests where the lens is available I'm getting a little queasy on my pre-order.

It's my third 35-70 and I didn't notice the dust issue with the first two, but I spent less time with them. The first was replaced (along with the 50S II body) because the retailer agreed there was an issue with the AF, but the second had the same problem, then I had to exchange the kit again because of amp glow that was visible in general use. The third body is perfect (as was the first) but the issue with the 35-70 AF persists.

I wouldn't want to encourage anyone to cancel their pre-order - my feeling is that this is a very good lens (excellent at f/7.1-11) but there are problems with QC at Fujifilm right now, and I'm hopeful that the AF issue is resolvable with firmware. If not, then I'll have it replaced/repaired and the debris issue dealt with at the same time. It hasn't been a pain free introduction to the GFX system but I'm so happy with the output that I'm soldiering on!

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