Plastic tighteners in Sirui Leg Locks?

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Re: Plastic tighteners in Sirui Leg Locks?

Thanks for the help, I have N-1204SK from Sirui if that’s helpful. Served me pretty well for over a year but I don’t think it likes the cold very much, I’d take recommendations too of course!

Hmm, a tripod that serves you just over a year before it breaks is definitely not what you want and expect. Also, a good tripod shouldn’t / doesn’t have any problem with cold or other climatic circumstances.

Any chance that you can contact Sirui, or the dealer, so that they potentially can support, maybe with spare parts or an analysis what has happened?

Personally I use FLM tripod legs. More expensive than Sirui, but not as expensive as for example Gitzo, RRS or PMG. I got my first FLM tripod legs after I tried some Sirui legs and didn’t really like the handling. In all these years I never had any problems with my different FLM tripod legs and here in the North American region FLM Canada (Ari Tapiero) offers also really great service. I really like the handling and stability of these legs.

Maybe have a look into FLM legs, they definitely are a good alternative if you are open to spend some serious money.


Thank you for the input! I appreciate it, I just got concerned with the durability of that plastic bushing, but if its standard, which I have found other places like the newer reviews of bigger tripods here on DPreview it concerns me less. I still feel like this should not have broken and I know I can get it replaced but this just concerns me it is going to keep happening which makes me want to change to be honest.

Secondly, thanks for the information on FLM, it certainly looks really nice, especially those ballheads. The Sirui's ballhead is frankly, awful, just watch Chris on their reviews of the travel tripods and he noticed that it creeps even when locked all the way down (I should've paid more attention to that.

I am also looking at the Peak Design travel tripod which seems to have some pretty good durability and innovative ideas. Plus it fits in a water bottle pocket on a backpack.

Im going to continue to research but im glad to know now that those plastic bushings are standard, which is ok, they just seem cheap on the Sirui!

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