Q2 Mono low-light focus?

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Re: Q2 Mono low-light focus?

JoshuaR wrote:

I have only one real gripe about my Q2: autofocus and the EVF in low light. If it's dim—like ISO 12,800 dim—my EVF gets really laggy and the camera's AF gets very slow. Manual focusing becomes difficult because of the laggy EVF.

The Q2M has amazing low-light image quality. But how is the focusing system and the EVF? Suppose that I'm in a dim club, taking pictures of a band. This would be very hard with the Q2, I think. Would the Q2M perform better? Or if I were in a darkened room, taking pictures of a candlelit dinner. Would focus be faster on the Q2M than on the Q2?

It is not that different from the leica Q2 because it is same. But in high ISO performance the leica Q2 monochrome is so nice to have that capability if you like and need to shoot photo in high ISO and not that much noticeable noise on your photos it is nice and cleaner than sony cameras, or any other fullframe counterpart. And basrd on my experience and use of the leica Q2 monochrome it's Autofocus system in lowlight is good not same as phase detect Autofocus system like on canon R5, R3, nikon z9, sony a7IV, a9ii, a1. It is what it is maybe the Autofocus speed is same speed on ricoh gr iii or more. But still it is only the affordable lowlight capable black and white photography fullframe camera available right now that you can be use out of the box. And I'm enjoy it and happy with it.

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