Waterfowl at 30m using FZ80 - Examples please

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Re: Waterfowl at 30m using FZ80 - Examples please

Assuming you guys are not fed up with me. I have taken shots with all zoom possibilities on my FZ330.

I have to mention that I had only one hour to get to a local reserve, shoot and return home, as unfortunately that is all the time I can manage this week and I didn't want the thread to disappear.

I paid no time to settings only zoom and as a result IQ is poor.

E600mm, 12MP, no iZoom:

E600mm, 12MP, iZoom (1200mm):

E735, 8MP EZ, no iZoom:

E735, 8MP EZ, iZoom (1470mm):

E1172mm, 3MP EZ, no iZoom:

E1172mm, 3MP EZ, iZoom (2344mm):

Therefor ignoring IQ. This is the best (size wise) that my FZ330 can achieve at 30m. I have most probably failed to do something. Please let me know what I may have missed and whether assuming the IQ was improved on, if the FZ80 would double the size of the birds at that distance. Thanks again.

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