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Re: upgrade to canon sx50

dr scott wrote:

My sx50 doesn't seem to be taking clear photos anymore. They seem to have a slight haze. Looking to get a newer superzoom camera(very much an amateur). It will be used for vacations, specifically hiking and taking nature/ kid images. The coolpix p900 seems like a great option until I held it. Seeing as I usually hike with the camera around my neck the weight is probably too much. lumix fz80 has nice wide angle and zoom capabilities. good weight, F2.8 but no articulating screen and a slower shutter speed like the sx50. The price is nice.

I also like the nikon B700. I would have to find a used model. its F3.3 and not as wide an angle. comparable zoom with twice the shutter speed. It does have the an articulating scree.

Or do I take my sx50 in for an tuneup, if that is such a thing.

leaning toward lumix fz80 unless there is something else.

any thoughts are greatly appreciated, thanks scott

Hello Scott - as a P900 owner who hikes with it, I'll be glad to share my thoughts. I bought my P900 in 2015 specifically in anticipation of a trip to Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park, knowing that I'd be hiking quite alot. I knew that the zoom would give me wonderful photo ops, and it certainly impressed me on that trip, and on many since. I bought a sling type camera pack called Think Tank Turnstyle 10. The pack is pretty comfortable and allowed me to slide it quickly to get to the compartment holding the P900 without removing the pack. It also has a rain cover built in & tethered to the pack. If you're day hiking this pack/camera combo works well. I have done a couple of shorter hikes with the camera hanging around my neck, and it did become quite a burden to carry in that manner. Over the last six years it has given me the chance to take photos of potentially dangerous large animals, including moose, elk, black bear, and grizzly, as well as some big horn sheep. I've also had the pleasure of photographing pronghorn, deer, snakes, and many birds including bald eagles. Beautiful landscapes, and other general photography. I'm an enthusiastic photographer, but an amateur. My hiking is slowing down somewhat since I'm 62 and had a stroke in 2019, but this camera will allow me to continue to enjoy making photos from roadside pullouts and overlooks for years to come. Let me rephrase that - hiking the more rugged trails has slowed down.

I also got up in the wee hours Nov. 19th to take photos of our partial lunar eclipse, and they're pretty amazing for an amateur. I'm still learning about this camera's capabilities. A friend of mine recently got a P950 and is taking great photos with it, also. I highly recommend these super-zooms for nature and wildlife, but I do think you'll be happiest with it either in a sling style bag or maybe try one of those crossbody chest mounts I've noticed people wearing on trails to carry cameras (and handguns). The Peak Design Capture looks like it would be a great way to hike with a camera, and I'm considering a purchase of that for my P900 on future hikes. It may be too heavy, but maybe worth a try. Anyway, I also have a Canon Powershot SX730 HS with a much smaller zoom that takes fantastic photos, but it doesn't have a viewfinder. I prefer the cameras with a viewfinder - it helps me stabilize, having it to my eye. Good luck in your quest, and I hope this helps.

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