Monitor for Lightroom on M1 Pro Macbook Pro

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Re: Monitor for Lightroom on M1 Pro Macbook Pro

Opher wrote:

Thanks. Another comment - I work "zoomed in" to max resolution often when doing fine brush work etc, I don't know if that impacts the answer.


It still goes both ways, but I'd lean more towards larger in that case VS more resolution. 5k is really great for 4k video production so you can have 1 to 1 pixel for the video while leaving space for the UI.

I have an iMac 5k and Dell 27" 4k monitors both on my desk and at my normal viewing distance it's not night and day and I'm thinking of going larger for my next monitor to make it easier to see details on faces when they're a small part of the composition.

And one wildcard suggestion, a 43" 4k display. You can get them starting at around 700 and while in terms of display quality they are a bit behind the best ones today but they're still decent and that screen real estate might make it worth it for your specific workflow.

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