Monitor for Lightroom on M1 Pro Macbook Pro

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Re: Monitor for Lightroom on M1 Pro Macbook Pro

Opher wrote:

I read through a lot of reviews and info and am still not sure what is better for me. I am moving from an older windows machine and a Dell U2715 27 inch 4K monitor.

I am trying to figure out between a 4K 32 inch (larger screen) or 5K 27 inch (more DPI).

Any thoughts what would work better? I use the machine for Lightroom exclusively.

The two specific monitors I am looking at (and that are available where I live, with a similar price, though I can get a significant discount on the LG) are:

  1. LG27MK5KB 27 inch 5K with USBC (also available on Apple store and is "compatible/endorsed" by Apple).
  2. Dell UltraSharp 32 inch 4K U3219Q USBC monitor.

Thoughts? Should I prefer the DPI or the size? Any particular comments about these monitors?

Ask yourself a few basic questions:

  • What do you want to achieve by a lager screen?
    • you'll probably put that display further way to see the full screen - otherwise you'll have to tilt your head constantly from left to right
    • the larger screen has less pixels - what would be the benefit of larger and fewer pixels?
  • What counts more for you?
    • larger fewer pixels
    • more smaller pixels

The number of details you're going to see on a 27" 5k display is probably higher than the lower pixel count.

Additionally make sure you understand how the display work and whether the front structure is fine enough - in case you get a mate display you don't have to thing about resolution - you'll probably see the texture of the display surface in certain light conditions.

I plane every display in a way that i can completely view it - with my 27" display it is roughly

16..20 inches distance ( 40 .. 50 cm ) - with a 32" display it's be probably a few inches more.

I never understood the idea of a larger screen for photo editing. For gaming a curved display with a larger area and a 1 : 2.3 or larger aspect ratio makes a lot of sense and for video guys a 2nd scree can be beneficial as a preview display - most photo editing softwares i know do a pretty well job with the image in the center.

Last but not least you can easily zoom 200 or 400 % to see more details - but you hardly can add more pixels.

Fun fact - your Mac will always have more to compute once you use an odd enlargement.

In other words with ½ of 5120x2880 you get more computational power out of your MAC

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