35mm f1.8g or 24-120mm f4 as Travel Lens

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Re: 35mm f1.8g or 24-120mm f4 as Travel Lens

Ilanshanon wrote:

I recently bought an 850. I've been using a 24-120mm f4 lens plus other zoom lenses. I've got an old 85mm f1.8, and just ordered a new 35mm f1.8g. My question: If you had were going on a world-wide trip, and you had to choose between taking just the 24-120mm, or just taking the 35mm and 85mm, which would you choose, and why?

I would bring along the 24-120 and the 35/1.8G while leaving the 85 behind.  The two lenses would cover almost everything you going to shoot.

If you can only bring one lens then the 24-120 which is a bit more versatile than the 35.

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