P1000 Short-eared Owl @3000mm handheld

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Re: P1000 Short-eared Owl @3000mm handheld

Sorry for the confusion. I meant (but have now googled) that 539mm focal length equates to full zoom. But I am still interested as to how far the owl was from camera to achieve that shot.

I am interested because as a birdwatcher who wants now to photograph them, I want to replace my camera. I made the mistake of assuming (wrongly) that the Lumix FZ330 with a 600mm lens and zoom x 25 equated to 25 times magnification. I then went on to believe that it would be twice as powerful as my binoculars. In the UK where there is no stock of cameras, I bought before trying the camera and was naive in my wrong understanding of magnification compared to zoom. Even with digital zoom enabled, my exposures are far too small when shooting say, ducks in  lakes, lagoons or coastal although OK for birds in trees.

I now need to know what size zoom will give me what I want P950 or P1000. Knowing distances (real) will help

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