Image quality between A7 IV & A7R III question

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Re: Image quality between A7 IV & A7R III question

daran wrote:

Dan_168 wrote:

A Nikon shooter friend of mine is looking for a small Sony for the hiking trip after he saw my A7R IV + Loxia on few backpacking trips, now thinking to add a small Sony for the same purpose as we are doing more and more of those kind of trips, we all shooting D6/1Dx type of camera regularly and we both have the Z9 coming, so he doesn't have any small camera at the moment, he does not really really 60MP so he is thinking about the 7R III or the new A7 IV, In terms of actual image quality, anyone compared the A7R III and A7 IV to see the real difference? we saw the 7R III is only $2K at B and H with the holiday deal and the new 7IV is $2500 so pretty much the same price range.

I know some will recommend even the A7R II will do well for landscape which i kind of agree, but as a previous owner I will never recommend that camera to anyone, nothing against its IQ but ergo and operational wise, that was the most annoying camera I have ever used in my 20+ years of photo life, but that's a different discussion, let's stay with 7R III and 7 IV. i personally leaning toward the 7R III, but just want to hear from those have experience with both.

Seems wasteful to buy a body with a different mount for a single use case. Why don't you simply pick up a Z7 that matches your glass?

and also FE to Z mount adapter for the Loxia..

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