Neural nano-optics for high-quality thin lens imaging

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Re: Neural nano-optics for high-quality thin lens imaging

Enginel wrote:

Trebor1 wrote:


It is apparently scalable; so a 15 mm square sensor array, to fit within the micro four-thirds image circle, would be 466.56 Megapixel : 21600 x 21600 ( tricolour)!

What makes you think that lp/mm stays constant as you scale it 30-fold?

If the sensel pitch is identical, the pixel count scales as stated. You are asking a different question: Does the resolution in lp/mm remain constant as the array is scaled (in XY but not in Z) ? The resolution is determined by the sensel spacing, metalens optics and the 'magic' deconvolution process so I would ask why not, with the caveat that it might actually improve performance near the edge of the image field but then I'm no expert and stand to be corrected

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