What if the FFF is $3,000?

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Yes, I would buy ANY Foveon camera.

I would prefer an L mount improved SDQH though.

Mike P

There would definitely be a market for a modernized SDQ (but for obvious reasons with the same sensor).

My wishlist:

  • L-Mount
  • Potentially faster processor
  • Better EV
  • Flipscreen
  • Wifi/GPS

One thing that would be great: Apps!

But not like Sony, where people that don't know the camera create apps that don't really function, I prefer Sigma to create..... nothing! Simple make an Open Source API.

That would be nice, but the problem is support costs.


Support costs?

Staff to sort out people who phone in saying: "I wrote this app and now my camera doesn't work at all".


Honestly, (more a question to Dan than to Don), who needs apps in a camera? Apps for what? A camera is a camera is a camera.... If you need apps, buy a smart phone. Of course, this is only my very personal poinmt of view. So maybe, someone can give a good example for a useful app on a camera.

Good intervalometer.

Automated HDR with good settings control

Automated focus stack with good settings control.

Raw histogram.

Raw clipping/zebra

Polar alignment app for astrophotography

Full Width Half maximum app for good focus on stars.

DOF calculations.

Zone mapping app

In principle, good examples. But I would want to have these from the manufacturer, not from some other sources.

If you saw the 9 different versions or each, with ratings and reviews, so you could pick the one that's right for you, I think you'd change your mind about that. Popular apps would end up with copy cats, but with improvements here and there. A manufacturer would never give people so many choices . . . and imagine being able to customize the apps, so that things would work the way you want them to?

There's a reason Apple invented the App Store for their iPhone and other iOS devices, and a reason Google copied that for Android. Alone Apple never would have dreamed up all the different ways their iPhone can be used. Google Maps is just one good example. Now there is Ways and a host of others . . . and charting apps for boaters too. If it had been left up to Apple, boaters would probably still be waiting for a decent chart navigation app.

I agree to what you write. But a smartphone is very different from a camera. It is small, fits into your pocket, you can have it with you all time. Even a small camera with high image quality is not something I would carry around unless I would plan to take pictures. But even if I have the camera with me, I would use my phone for apps. Why hold a somewhat clunky heavy thing in my hands instead of lightweight phone with a good form factor? The only cameras I know of which tried the Android approach were the Zeiss ZX1 and some Samsung cameras. None of these revolutionized the camera market.

So, some photography centered apps may have benefit in the field. I don‘t see more opportunities. This can easily be a lack of vision on my side.

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