FE SEL24-105 soft focus

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Re: FE SEL24-105 soft focus

JERumball wrote:

OK thanks.

I will try tighter crops next time, but I am trying keep everything the same for all players because these are all getting cut out and made into a composite. I need to leave room for the taller players.

I guess that means shooting the tallest player first and framing to ~95% vertical fill for him.

On the topic of front focussing, I think this lens is indeed front focussing at F8, but not at F4. I did a little test just now where I focused on the middle of 5 batteries with flexible spot small. One shot is at F4 the other is at F8. The focus appears to shift forward at F8.

Were these done from a tripod with remote release? If so, it does look like it is focusing closer at f/8 than at f/4. (I'd put the arrows nearly half a position to the right in each frame). Personally I'd want to test larger targets at distances more typical of my use of the lens. Such close focus distances may cause anomalous results. I'd also want to be shooting targets in light good enough that I could use ISO 100 without flash. I'd also want to test a different lens on the same camera, and possibly the same lens on a different camera. As it is, we don't know whether the focus issue is due to the lens or the camera.

These were all shot at 105mm, auto ISO, 1/250s. Would you agree that the lens should be sent back

I don't think we know enough yet to blame the lens, and if it is the lens we don't know whether it is the specific copy of the lens or if this is a characteristic of the lens model.

or am I misinterpreting the results?

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