FE SEL24-105 soft focus

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Re: FE SEL24-105 soft focus

JERumball wrote:

Ok thanks... I will do some more testing when I get a chance and see what I can discover.

Thanks agian.

It has been pointed out that you were using AF-S for the hockey player photo, and you mentioned that you had the camera on a tripod, so presumably the camera didn't move. But if you partially pressed the shutter, which would lock focus at that instant in time on the face (since you were in AF-S), and the player then moved a little before you fully depressed the shutter and triggered the flash, the camera would still be focused on where the face was, and not where the face is when the flash fires. This would explain your result. AF-S should not have a problem if the camera is stationary and the subject is stationary, but if the subject moves, there is a chance the subject would be at the wrong location when the image is taken. I would think that using AF-C would eliminate this potential problem.

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