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Re: Focus acquisition - F4 lens

One Z menu option desperately needed is: Focus at Maximum aperture, as an alternative to apply settings to live view.

It is typical when shooting events with flash in a dark room to want the aperture set in the F4 to F5.6 range. With " apply settings to live view" the Z will focus better in the dark with as much light as your lens can allow. But typically it implies shooting with 1.4 to 2,8 to really help out in these situations, and as someone mentioned this is not settings to use especially with flash. The amount of background brightness can also contribute to how much the Z struggles.

My solutions to shooting events in dark rooms:

Use a DSLR  especially if you are shooting action such as dancing or processions.

I always have a D500 and 16-80 with me in case the Z6 just can't handle the low light and or the amount of activity.

With a Z:

Use an LED light over the camera or flash


Try focusing on a lapel shirt collar or neck line instead of the eyes (this does decrease focus accuracy but is usually safe closer to F5.6

Bottom line: The Z Achilles Heal is the inability to use infrared assist. Also inability to focus with the aperture wide open even if set to shoot at a smaller Fstop.

I am eagerly waiting to hear if the Z9 solves this issue. Otherwise I keep delaying the purchase of a new Z camera and some S lenses until I feel it can completely replace my DSLR's. Even though I use my Z6  85% of the time for the work I do.

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