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Re: 2 missing Features in the Z9

T O Shooter wrote:

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T O Shooter wrote:

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chambeshi wrote:


2. Nikon has no excuse for leaving Pre-Record out of the Z9 Functions - the electronic shutter should make it a doddle to implement, surely.

For some of us shooting wildlife, we know has NO Pre-Record function. This is a powerful feature available already some years ago in RED cameras and very useful for street photography using 8K for stills.

Pre-Record is a very useful feature in Olympus MILCs - at much more affordable RRPs:

If Olympus did this years back, what's wrong with Nikon?

If Nikon offered a pre-record for video function, I'd return to Nikon without a moment's hesitation. Pre-record is an absolutely fabulous feature that is mostly ignored by the industry.

What's a used Alpha 1 and a 200-600 go for?


Around about way of saying I guess there'll be a Sony Alpha 1 and a 200-600 for sale .

I have absolutely no idea but will find out when I sell them, which is only a matter of time as you can tell from my previously owned gear list.

With the price difference on a Z9 to Alpha 1, one would really want to have an Alpha 1, as the price of a used one would be around / close to the price of a new Z9. One thing going for the Alpha is that long lenses are available, both new and used.

Well I'm in the fortunate position where loosing few thousand dollars annually trading camera equipment is not an issue -- my photography/videography hobby is my main hobby so it's all good. But I've cut back drastically on lenses and am restricting myself to 2-3 max with one body so it's easier to swap systems relatively easy.

As for the Z9, I'm on my dealers list but will only pull the trigger if the Z9 clearly outperforms the A1 for video AF, AND Nikon releases the 200-600Z -- I won't purchase the camera without the zoom also being available. Until then, I'm staying with Sony.

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