Doing the unexpected and keeping an open mind.

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Doing the unexpected and keeping an open mind.

I did an unexpected thing last week... I bought a zoom lens!

Not perhaps terribly noteworthy for most folks, however quite significantly so for me.

Why? Umm well I've been shooting off a bit lately about how I'm not that particular about lenses, but at the same time I tend to shoot with quite high end (ie expensive) ones, either that or very old adapted ones. So I thought I'd challenge myself by getting the XF 18-55, a lens that by most accounts is good to very good, without being epic - and importantly for me, a nice size and weight. A quick look on eBay turned one up locally at a good price and a few days later I was zooming away like it was a new invention.

I'm actually enjoying the experience more than I thought, still early days so we'll see how it goes. In a few quick A/B tests shots it doesn't fare so well compared to my usual choices, however looking at overall images without comparison shots I'm quite happy with the output - and it sure is convenient! I've been out and about with the 18-55 and my 35/1.2 which makes a nice pair.

Let's see if I can stand by my statements that I'm not that particular, or if I'm going to have to eat my words.

Has anyone else done anything unexpected, or something to challenge their personal norms, and feels like sharing??


A few here from the 18-55 on the pro3. The second one is a two image stitch, 18mm at f/4.5.

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