E-M1 II EVF brightness

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Re: E-M1 II EVF brightness

mtnroads wrote:

I love my E-M1 II, but agree about the viewfinder. While it looks nice and large, it often seems like I am over exposing by 1/3 or 2/3 stops and I used to compensate for that by setting the exp comp to -1/3 or -2/3. Then the image was perfect in the viewfinder but under-exposed in the shadows, upon inspection. It took a long time for me to just leave it at "0" on the exp comp and trust it would not be over-exposed. It seems to handle highlights well.

Typical of this camera, I have no idea where to even find the auto-Luminace setting.. have looked through the menu twice now.

Adjust to your own fancy. These are some of the settings I use and seldom change once set to my liking, which is as below, with the location in the cog menu table first.

Cog Menu

  1. I. EVF Adjust, EVF Auto Illuminance ‘off’. This is surely where you would expect it to be, under the EVF Adjust setting, hidden in plain sight.
  2. I. EVF Adjust, temperature ‘+1’ Brightness ‘-1’
  3. D2. live view boost ‘off'
  4. D2. LV close up settings ‘mode1'
  5. D2. LV close up settings live view boost ‘off'
  6. G. All WB+/- All set 'A+1' 'G-1'
  7. G. keep warm colours ‘off'
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