What will the next Z camera be?

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Re: What will the next Z camera be?

Z6User wrote:

VBLondon wrote:

Clearly Nikon's "answer" to the R5 and R6 are the Z7ii and Z6ii. The Canons are significantly more expensive and have some better specs and AF performance.

My guess is that the Z6ii and Z7ii are going to get a meaningful FW update after the Z9 launch which will get them to rough parity with the Canons on AF performance. We'll see!

Market perception is another thing. Z6User wrote "Nikon has no answer to the R5 and R6". If that's what a Z6 user thinks, it can't be easy for the unaffiliated purchaser!

The Nikon Z6/7 (II) are in practice limited to about 5.5 FPS, beyond that tracking a subject becomes tough if not impossible due to viewfinder lag. It isn’t really suitable for birds in flight for example, though you can use it for that, you just won’t get the same number of keepers, or as good a selection of shots to choose from. The Canon R5 is far superior in that respect. The R6 is closer, limited I think to 8 FPS with full autofocus tracking, but still better even with Nikon firmware updates.

Fair point. I have tried my Z6 at high frame rates and the 'slideshow' EVF is useless for tracking an unpredictably moving object. It's just that I think of this as a niche use-case.

Nikon has had a lot of leaks to other systems, to recapture their market share, they need to match if not surpass the opposition.

Certainly one reads of sports/wildlife shooters on the forums who've moved to the R5 or Sony A1. I tend to think of the Z6&7 as competitors to the R5&6, where the few gaps in specs are compensated for by the lower pricing. Personally I'd have thought the Nikon price-performance is pretty compelling. But I guess the difference is that a Canon user might envy the $500 lower price of a Z6ii if they don't need the high frame rate of an R6, but they won't switch systems over that $500. But a Nikon shooter who needs the frame rate might switch to the R6 if they can't get the performance they need in Z MILC.

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