FE SEL24-105 soft focus

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Re: FE SEL24-105 soft focus

JERumball wrote:

Thank you for posting this link. I verified that my lens is not a part of this recall.

This is a focus problem not a lens softness problem. You are front-focussed relative to the eyes. The camera had to focus in the dark, and missed.

You can test the focus performance and lens sharpness in good light to confirm that the front-focus was situational and that the lens is reasonably sharp when focus is actually on-target.

EyeAF was enabled at the time.

It may have been enabled, but that doesn't mean it was used successfully (or at all) by the camera. The note in the lower right panel says face detection, not eye detection. The red symbol is not on the eye. This may be because the eyes are too small in the frame or it was too  dark before the flash fired.

Thanks to the other person who referred me to the A7Info application. It reveals that for this image, the focus point was indeed on his left cheek/eye area.

Another person suggested that the player moved during the exposure... he's standing still and its unlikely that he moved even slightly. Besides, the strobes would have frozen him in place due to their brief duration. Next time I will try high speed sync to rule this out absolutely.

By the way, I have many images from this session with the same problem... it's not just one image I'm having the problem with.

Thanks to everyone who commented thus far... I really appreciate it.

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