Sony APSC Lens on a Full Frame

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Sony APSC Lens on a Full Frame

Since I'm not a detail person for the moment, that means I don't like to read too much about technology to get to know every single aspect about something, I find that takes away the fun in life.
With that said, it does not mean I don't think about what I use.
However some or most of ya'll will disagree and call it foolish, I accept that it's your opinion.
But for the nice folk out here and the ones that want to help me I have this question that nobody could answer properly yet.
My guess, because they are too professional or too long in the photography business and they have some standards printed in to their mind.
We live in another day and age so different things are important.
Poster quality photos' are of no subject to me thus quality is relative.
We live in the 1920x1080 social media era so all your stuff is going to be destroyed online anyway to a much lower resolution.
With that said Here is my question:
What does really happen if you use f.e. the Sony E 18-105 F4.0 APSC lens on the Sony A7iii.
And here is what I know: yes the half of the sensor will be used (duhh)
But Sony has the APSC mode build in the camera, so if you press that button it will magnify the image by (I guess) 1.52 so you get to use the full sensor.
Now what is the whole "drama" about using that is my question?
Are those old timers making sense somewhere or are they just pixel peepers?
Anything else to add about that remark that I can learn from?
Thank you in forward.

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