Another "Time to upgrade" - 12900 vs 5950 and motherboards

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Re: Another "Time to upgrade" - 12900 vs 5950 and motherboards

dperez wrote:

Thanks for the responses... Yesterday was about going to older technology and/or waiting. It sounds like today is about - there's always going to be the next shiny toy, and always Rev 1 motherboards, so pick something and get it...

BUT, on to today's sill questions:

I’m going to be looking at both the AMD and Intel options, and today I started looking at motherboards. I’ll get to ASUS tomorrow, but today I looked at Gigabyte. Started with the Aorus Extreme, Master and so on. Disqualified the one’s with insane price tags like $600 and $800.

The Z690 Master is an EATX, and the most expensive, so I’ve set it aside for the moment ‘cause I don’t see anything to make it worth 30% more than the Ultra.

The Ultra and Pro have 12 USB3 on the back, the Elite AX has 5 3.2 and 4 USB2. They all have wifi, are ATX, same SATA ports, all 16+1+2 VRM. The Elite AX has a display port and an HDMI, the other two only display port.

What am I missing? Other than a half dozen USB 3 ports on the back panel why is the Pro worth $50 more than the Elite AX and why is the Ultra worth $40 more than the Pro?

I have 2 monitors. 1 is display port, the other is HDMI input. How do I connect the HDMI monitor if the motherboard only has a display port?

I'm going to need USB3 ports on the front panel - as many as I can reasonably get. Right now I've got 4 USB2 and 2 USB3 ports and they're all full. I've run extensions from 4 USB 3 ports on the back panel to the front, and two of those are always full.

When the description says:

  • 1 x USB Type-C® header, with USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 support
  • 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 header

How many USB3 Type A Ports can I run off these? I can put in a front panel card with a 4 or 6 or 8 USB3 ports, but how do I power them?

With all the CPU's already so fast the good thing is that there's really no wrong answer about buying now or waiting.  You'll have a fast system either way since both AMD and Intel have made big strides from where CPU's were 6 years ago.

And do you have a graphics card currently?  If so just plug em both into that.  If not some boards offer a lot more Display IO.  The Asus TUF Gaming which is a low/middle end board has DP & HDMI, and then a Thunderbolt header on the board which needs an additional card for 116 dollars but that gives you 2 thunderbolt 4 ports and 2 DP's if you need more expansion (I'd double check how many monitors/what resolutions the i9 can handle).

The big difference is the Ultra has 105 amp power circuits, the Pro has 90 amp ones.

This won't help review wise but it gives a good run down of all the Z690's available at launch:

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