Another "Time to upgrade" - 12900 vs 5950 and motherboards

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Re: Another "Time to upgrade" - 12900 vs 5950 and motherboards

Thanks for the responses... Yesterday was about going to older technology and/or waiting. It sounds like today is about - there's always going to be the next shiny toy, and always Rev 1 motherboards, so pick something and get it...

BUT, on to today's sill questions:

I’m going to be looking at both the AMD and Intel options, and today I started looking at motherboards. I’ll get to ASUS tomorrow, but today I looked at Gigabyte. Started with the Aorus Extreme, Master and so on. Disqualified the one’s with insane price tags like $600 and $800.

The Z690 Master is an EATX, and the most expensive, so I’ve set it aside for the moment ‘cause I don’t see anything to make it worth 30% more than the Ultra.

The Ultra and Pro have 12 USB3 on the back, the Elite AX has 5 3.2 and 4 USB2. They all have wifi, are ATX, same SATA ports, all 16+1+2 VRM. The Elite AX has a display port and an HDMI, the other two only display port.

What am I missing? Other than a half dozen USB 3 ports on the back panel why is the Pro worth $50 more than the Elite AX and why is the Ultra worth $40 more than the Pro?

I have 2 monitors. 1 is display port, the other is HDMI input. How do I connect the HDMI monitor if the motherboard only has a display port?

I'm going to need USB3 ports on the front panel - as many as I can reasonably get. Right now I've got 4 USB2 and 2 USB3 ports and they're all full. I've run extensions from 4 USB 3 ports on the back panel to the front, and two of those are always full.

When the description says:

  • 1 x USB Type-C® header, with USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 support
  • 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 header

How many USB3 Type A Ports can I run off these?  I can put in a front panel card with a 4 or 6 or 8 USB3 ports, but how do I power them?

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