Technical Talk in This Forum ... Yes or No?

Started Dec 5, 2021 | Polls thread
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Re: Technical Talk in This Forum ... Yes or No?

Brev00 wrote:

You may want to run an analysis of your posts. From my observation in the limited time I have been visiting this forum, I can't recall seeing a post of yours that does not include a graph or chart, link to a graph or chart, or mention of a graph or chart. We had to give our approval of tech talk as, if we didn't, there was a danger of your disappearing entirely from the forum. No one wanted that.

Agree.   Personally it is all a bit over my understanding but for those who are into the nitty gritty of image creation it  gives them food for thought and discussion of such finer elements within images to enjoy on the forum.

I do look at them, learn some things and pass on  other areas outwith my ability.  It is all part of the enormity of it.

Ted does a good job with in depth stuff and I'm amazed at his high flying details.  Must be part of his past need to be exact?    Me, I just like to press the shutter occasionally and ponder what went wrong.

I prefer those who discuss such topics to back up their  views with picture illustrations and examples, one picture, to me, is worth a thousand words. 😉


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