Monitor for Lightroom on M1 Pro Macbook Pro

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Re: Monitor for Lightroom on M1 Pro Macbook Pro

Opher wrote:

I read through a lot of reviews and info and am still not sure what is better for me. I am moving from an older windows machine and a Dell U2715 27 inch 4K monitor.

I am trying to figure out between a 4K 32 inch (larger screen) or 5K 27 inch (more DPI).

Any thoughts what would work better? I use the machine for Lightroom exclusively.

The two specific monitors I am looking at (and that are available where I live, with a similar price, though I can get a significant discount on the LG) are:

  1. LG27MK5KB 27 inch 5K with USBC (also available on Apple store and is "compatible/endorsed" by Apple).
  2. Dell UltraSharp 32 inch 4K U3219Q USBC monitor.

Thoughts? Should I prefer the DPI or the size? Any particular comments about these monitors?

It depends on your ergonomics.

32 inch monitor has the same information is your current monitor. Just bigger pixels, spread out more. It might be nice if you want to sit far away from it. Otherwise I don't see what you gain.

The 5K monitor will give you more information on the screen. I'm sure you can see more of your image when editing at say 1 to 1. Or in full screen mode in Lightroom.

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