Neural nano-optics for high-quality thin lens imaging

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Re: Neural nano-optics for high-quality thin lens imaging

BobORama wrote:

The science reporting on this is where I sort of take issue.

There are a LOT of caveats. For one, it looks as if the setup tests a specific distance to subject ( which was an OLED monitor so this was a flat 2D scene ). Can this device be focusable, how badly does OOF subject areas destroy the magic deconvolution process? So would this same device work for a real 3D subject, and how much "wiggle room" is there? Its the "next questions" that reporting always seems to miss with these devices.

I was hoping that Eric Fossum would comment, given his interest in sub-diffractiion limit imaging, so posted here rather than in the Open Talk forum, in order to avoid the thread being immediately hijacked and turned into a pointless equivalence argument.

Can the metalens array imager (one element per sensel and 3 sensels per colour pixel) be regarded as a plenoptic (Light field camera), or could the metalens array act as a field lens, with a conventional multielement refractive lens (zoom or prime) in front of this for focussing/variable focal length?

There is mention of a Stanford Light field microscope: "Stanford University Computer Graphics Laboratory developed a prototype light field microscope using a microlens array similar to the one used in their light field camera. The prototype is built around a Nikon Eclipse transmitted light microscope/wide-field fluorescence microscope and standard CCD cameras. Light field capture is obtained by a module containing a microlens array and other optical components placed in the light path between the objective lens and camera, with the final multifocused image rendered using deconvolution." in the following wikipedia article:

Again, the research is fantastic. Its the "researchers create magic unicorn using dog slobber and week old suasages" headlines from the DPRs of the world that irritate the dog slobber out of me.

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