ILCE-7 LCD not working

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ILCE-7 LCD not working


First time poster here and first time trying to repair a camera and I'd like to fix this one myself. No desire to send it to Sony :-).

I'm trying to fix an ILCE-7 with an LCD that does nothing. Move close to the camera, EVF activated, move away: EVF deactivated but no LCD.

What I dit to try to fix it:

  1. I replaced the flex cable (LC-1014) which is going from the motherboard to LC-1013 (PCB on the back of the LCD/hinge assy). That flex cable was my main suspect but that didn't fix the problem.
  2. I tried with a different LCD which I bought new from aliexpress.
  3. The previous owner had tried another motherboard but that didn't fix it either.
  4. I did take out the motherboard and carefully checked all flex cables that they are well seated. I also checked the ZIF connectors, they don't seem to have any pins torn or so. Nothing that is mechanically broken.

Now I ordered the LC-1013 PCB (which is taped to the back of the LCD assy). That's like the only other thing that has not been replaced yet.

But let's assume LC-1014, the LCD itself, the motherboard AND the LC-1013 PCB are not the cause ... What else could this be? Because that's about every component there is with regards to the LCD.

The previous owner said he tried replacing the motherboard but that didn't help either. Would it be reasonable to still suspect the motherboard given what I've already done?

And how do I troubleshoot this one further? It's rather difficult to get a multimeter and start measuring the voltages on the zif connectors, I do have the Level-2 and level-3 service manuals though . For the rest, the camera works just fine.

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