Technical Talk in This Forum ... Yes or No?

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Re: Why even ask...?

xpatUSA wrote:

atom14 wrote:

"Talk" in the forum name surely includes "technical talk". I'm sure it would have dawned on any irritatees not to read your "technical talk" posts by now, otherwise they'd be masochists. Have you had [m]any complaints about it?

Indeed I have seen a good few complaints aimed at myself.

(refrains from answering "yes" LOL)

It's interesting how people react on the internet. The easiest would be to simply ignore technical post if one is not interested. But it seems like some people need to convert the forum into something which is according to their needs and interests. So, no need to stop technical posts and no need to bother with people who don't like it. No one is forced to read everything in this forum.

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