NEAT IMAGE vs. DEEP PRIME for handling Noise

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NEAT IMAGE vs. DEEP PRIME for handling Noise

I'd like to hear from some truly knowledgeable post-processing gurus on the benefits of Neat Image versus DxO's "DeepPrime."

I've heard a lot of banter about the effects of Deep Prime, but in every video tutorial I've watched, it literally changes the color of the image, which I definitely don't like.

I'm wondering how many people are truly accomplished with Neat Image. Not who just "own it," but those who really know how to use it.

I own the software, and am still learning. It has more controls (and micro-controls) than most of the software I've seen. On the few "online comparisons," it seems like the reviewers who make their comparisons don't really know what they're doing with it — even complain "it's complicated" — and then dismiss it for these reasons.

I don't think this is fair. It looks like it may be more complicated, but it also looks like (once you make it over the "learning curve") that it actually offers more benefits. Again I'm still learning, still experimenting.

Because of all the current hype, I almost bought DeepPrime, but to me it looked rather simplistic by comparison, and in every case it literally changed the whole color/contrast of the final image.

I would very much like to hear a real comparison from anyone, truly conversant with both systems, as to which is better, and why? Maybe even articulating precisely what are the advantages/disadvantages of each product?

Thanks to anyone who responds for your time.

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