d610, 750 or A72

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d610, 750 or A72

I am Nikon Fan. Using 5500 and sold it yesterday.

Only things i hate is no ibs. That mean in low light, i cant let shutter at 1/30 or 1/40 with my 50 1.8 without blurry image

Today at second hand camera store. 3 choice

d610 for 500 usd

750 for 700 usd. A72 same price as 750.

5500 iso is pretty bad in low light, i know. Everything else with 5500 i feel good about 90%, even i still not 100% good at high speed( i like to shoot camera at people run bike on street, in daylight 5500 can catch photo good 80% at 30km/h)

I have another hobby shoot photo at night , very dark night, and like i said, use 1,8 i stil have change shuter speed to 1/30, so FF help me at least 1 stop to 1/60 i guess.

The question is : Does 610 same AF as 5500, and compair a72 to 610 AF.

Will ibis of a72 worth over AF of 750. I know 750 so much better than a72 in AF.

Reson i said a610 is it very cheap. I will buy d610 and use it about 6 month before sell it back, like lost 200 usd is okay. If d610 good af as 5500, maybe i will keep it forever hehe.

But for 750 and a72, if i bought it, i wil no sell it any more cause it more price than 610 25%

I very simple, just portrait, street photo most, high speed is for fun and not main problem. Will d610 hunt AF in day, or back focus ?

in 610, will No AF-A mode is big problem ?

Nikon D610 Nikon D750 Sony a7 II
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