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No serious issues with Z9....

From all we have seen and what's been discussed about the Z9 specs and features, there is not much to worry about IMHO. Prior to these reports using the prototypes over the past 5 weeks, my original position was this camera will ably qualify for my needs and standards in AF and haptics provided it at least matches the reliability of the D5 and better D6 for wildlife subjects.

Over the past week, Thom H and Brad Hill have confirmed the primary aspects in reports of the first wave of Z9 users aka influencers:

  • excellent blackout free, bright EVF;
  • Nikon colour science;
  • the fps and buffer etc is more than one needs in almost all situations;
  • what will likely become rated the most advanced and reliable AF system in the history of 'affordable' photography as of 2021-2022.

There are zilch concerns over the fully electronic shutter. The sensor guard is long overdue, especially in dusty conditions. Major kudos to Nikon.

The only real area of concern - more academic - is the lowlight image quality. If it matches D850 / Z7 sensor quality ie ISO6400 - 25600 no worries, as pp software is the necessary accessory for these images.

One intriguing arena remaining is the deeper details of Z9 Menu intricacies and Haptics. Overall, Thom H and Brad H have also confirmed the customization scope / options in the Z9 Menus is better than those in the D6 (and quantum improvements compared to the mid-tier Z6 - Z7).

This especially applies to the Z9 allowing more Options-per-Button - big leap fwd over the irksome Nikon tradition to tie users to apron strings by crippling some of the control buttons on DSLRs and also the Zeds.

So much more is now possible to customize the Z9 for action shooting etc, bsides other genres. For example, besides mapping a selected AFMode+AFOn to a Fn button(s). There are at least 3 ways to switch AF modes solely with the right hand, and with single controls. This includes using a respective suite of RSF (Recall Shooting Functions) in each Shooting Bank.

HeavyDuty wrote:

chambeshi wrote:

Agree fully. He mentioned recently he worked in PC industry, and this included executive role on customer feedback interface etc

He presumably lives off his ebooks, workshops, educational tours etc

Although he himself described himself as a cumudgeon (!) he's proven to be honest and trustworthy for reliable reviews and his ebooks are a bargain. Actually, it is a good thing he steers clear youtube

Thom is my personal most trusted source on the web.

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