Technical Talk in This Forum ... Yes or No?

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Re: How easy it is to misinterpret language

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Posting as a a Member who is so often at the top of the poster's list and so often talking technically with graphs and numbers instead of just making subjective comment, I realize that that can be irritating to some, if not many, readers.

So in a way, I am asking all Members if people like myself should quit with the technical part of photography?

Just the two options to keep it simple. Opinions without voting are of course welcome.

Ted are you asking if we say Yes to having technical talk in this forum,, or if we want the technical talk to quit? I didn't want to check Yes, because I feared it might mean, Yes, I want you to quit the technical talk." I don't want you to quit at all. I learn stuff from it every now and then, so while it can get tiresome sometimes, I think it's a good thing that we have threads here that include technical talk. If I don't feel like reading it, I can just go look at other threads.

Exactly. I voted yes to keep the tech talk but it looks like Iain voted no, also to keep the tech talk.

I think he meant "yes, please no tech talk". I should have worded the OP better perhaps but too late now - once a poll has been posted, it can't be edited. Reasonable enough, methinks.

Anyways, keep doing what you are doing Ted. There is no need to dumb it down. We Foveon owners are a breed apart (:-)) and are more than capable of deciding what we want to read.

Thank you Jan, you are most kind.

I think it is absolutely clear, Ted. You asked if you (or anyone else) should stop posting technical stuff. So, if one votes with „yes“, one wants no technical stuff in the forum.

Interestingly, a lot of people got it the wrong way (even native speakers). I think this explains why we sometimes have these lengthy discussions here 😀

And, as a funny aspect, you got Iain‘s answer the wrong way yourself. He wants technical stuff to be posted.

I'm leaving my Yes vote as Yes, because I answered the question in the title of the thread. "Technical Talk in This Forum ... Yes or No?" Yes means Yes.

THE QUESTION OF THE POLL is, Technical Talk in This Forum ... Yes or No?

THE IMPLICATION OR INFERENCE IS, "in a way, I am asking all Members if people like myself should quit". "In a way". "In a way", is not the question itself, it is an explanation of what the question is alluding to, or providing information about.

I know that Ted later added that Yes means No technical talk. But he posted the question as Yes means Yes. I answered that question as posted.

Sure, why not. It leads to false results but as you say, depending if you answer the thread title or the quesion within the thread, the answer is different.

I should not have used the words "right" or "wrong" but more "as Ted wanted his question to be understood". (According to his own explanation).

So, without anyone being "wrong", I read the comments in this thread in the way that nobody wants to stop technical discussion in this forum, so the vote is 0:100 (or 100:0 according to the other interpretation). But the results is 30:70 (at the time of writing this post). Doesn't that prove my point with the difficulties and uncertainties in discussions, especially written discussions?

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