Please post pics of ... Encounters

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Please post pics of ... Encounters

What counts as an encounter? Well.... here's some suggested types to start (feel free to come up with others):

People meet people

People come across unusual things

People interact with beasts

People/other beasts meet the photographer.

A fisherman/photographer distracted by collie.

This lad is a fisherman on Lancaster canal, who once complained to me that, "Those otters are taking all the fish and they just do it for fun". (He'd seen them otter-playing). After he was persuaded that HE was the one fishing for fun and that the otters were in fact in need of eating the fishies, he decided he'd fish for otter photos so got himself a nice wee digicam with a longish zoomer.

The collie is wondering if he can sneak orf with a sandwich from the bag whilst the fisher/photographer has the camera clagged to his eye.

When you feed the ducks they can swarm. If there's a enough they can probably eat a small girl!

She'll be lucky to get away with just a pecked finger.

Small boy encounters small cannon at Skipton Castle.

The warden has bunged up the cannon in case small boys are tempted to fire the thing after filling it with small shot.

Small boy encounters delicious ice cream.

That ice cream is teetering on the cornet! There'll be tears when it hits the mucky sandy pavement with a "splat!".

Watcha doin'? <> Bugger orf, with yer great hoofs!

The walker finds some swimmers.

He's hot. He's bothered. Should he go down or walk onwards to the pub? What a dilemma!


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