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NevadaDesertSkies wrote:

M81, also known as Bode's Galaxy is the larger of the two galaxies on the right.
M82, also known as the Cigar Galaxy is the smaller of the two galaxies in the upper left.
Explore Scientific ED152CF APO, ZWO 2600mmPro Camera, iOptron CEM70EC Mount, Captured using NINA, Processed with PixInsight
Exposure Details:
Gain 100, Offset 50
26x 4 min exposures - Red
20x 4 min exposures - Green
25x 4 min exposures - Blue

Total Integration time = 4hrs 44mins
Taken from a dark sky site approx. 50 miles north of Las Vegas.

M81 & M82, Bode's Galaxy and the Cigar Galaxy in Ursa Major.



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