Upgrading from Canon 60d

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Re: Upgrading from Canon 60d

Martin_99 wrote:

So I would go for apsc mirrorless, but you can stretch it also for budget fullframe camera.

Yes my reasoning behind stretching a little bit to the full frame territory.

Some kind of stabilisation is standard today, so will be included in my examples.


There are so many options, so it's tough to choose, will probably heavily depend on availibility in your area. I'm Sony shooter, so I will give more Sony branded examples, but others have similar offers.


1. Sony A6400 with 18-135 and some prime for lowlight, eg. Sigma 30f1.4, Samyang 24f1.8, Sony 28f2 etc. Primes will not be stabilised, but it's usually not a problem due to short focal length and fast aperture. 18-135 have good magnification on long end.

2. Sony A6600 with new Sigma 18-50f2.8 - one lens solution (I'm aiming to it next year). Very nice compact f2.8 zoom with good magnification on both ends.

Thanks for so many details and great models.

Both these models are available - just body only. both of these look good.

I will need to buy a lens though as kit lens are not bundled.

I will just buy a Sigma 18-50f2.8 as you suggested or something else with fixed aperture setting.

I will research more here.

3. Fujifilm X-S10 with 16-80f4, primes 23f2 or 35f2 for low light.

Again available with just body only.

16-80 f4 is not available here

both these primes are available.

I will again research more here.


4. Canon RP with 24-105 STM and 35f1.8 macro

Again available with just body.

Lenses should be easy to get for Canon cameras.

5. Nikon Z5 with 24-70f4 and 40f2


This is available with the lens kit you mentioned.

You can add eg. telezoom or true macro 1:1 later if you will like the system.

Ok yes sure will do

I am not just composing a list of Cameras shared here in this forum and their lenses.

Will try to make a price point comparison and features etc. and get back with more details.

Thanks a lot again.

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