Good news for the Monarch!

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Good news for the Monarch!

Those in California who have been following the plight of the Monarch Butterfly, Danaus plexippus, for the past few years were happy to read that the numbers sighted along the California coastline at one of the overwintering sites for the Western monarch reached 20,000.

Several reasons for past declines in the numbers include loss of habitat of the Milkweed plant, Asclepias spp., due to agriculture taking over land.

The Milkweed is the prime source of food for the monarch.

Monarch on a milkweed flower.

It is also the only source of food for the caterpillars which later turn into the chrysalis and finally the butterfly.

Many people are helping by planting milkweed plants in their gardens.

Here is an article from today:

Monarch surge brings hope for butterfly recovery

I have added it to my website with articles and photographs:

Milkweed and the Monarch

Let's hear it for the monarch!

- Richard

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