A7C and 50GM as an everyday carry?

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The Sigma 105mm macro Art lens

gobucks83 wrote:

ZilverHaylide wrote:

I don't mean to hijack the thread, but since you mentioned the Sigma 105 macro, which I'm thinking of getting for the A7Riv I currently own, care to elaborate on the handling-egonomics, AF, and performance of that combination? Thanks.

Sure. Like I said, I find it kind of unwieldy to use handheld for extended periods of time - it's just really long and front heavy, so it really makes my wrist hurt the next day. I bought a Mieke grip extender, and that did help somewhat, although it's still not super comfortable. I think it's pretty typical for a macro lens though - the Sony is almost the exact same size, albeit about 100g lighter. The AF is also kind disappointing. It does fine in good lighting, not the fastest or quietest but it works well enough. In low or even moderate light though, it really struggles, often blowing right past your subject and going through the whole focus range (be sure to use the focus limiter). Obviously for macro stuff, MF is often easier anyway.

That being said, I am still glad I bought the lens. It's the sharpest lens I own, and the almost complete lack of fringing gives the images a great pop and really nice rendering. Build quality is fantastic, as you'd expect from Sigma's art lineup. And it's cheap. If you need a macro (I needed one for a new kid), it's a good choice; I wouldn't necessarily recommend it if you want it to do double duty as a portrait lens though.

Thanks for that description.

My uses for the Sigma 105 macro Art lens wouldn't much be portraits, but more at the extremes of distance (1:1 to 1:2 macro range, plus also at landscape and architectural distances). And like you, I'd want it for its macro capability, high resolution, and minimal chromatic aberrations. Very reasonable price for all that is also a plus.

So that brings up these questions for the Sigma 105 macro Art:

1) At those farther, "infinity" and "almost-infinity" focus distances, how accurate is AF?

2) How easy is it to get accurate focus in MF? For instance, a lot of traditional helicoid-based vintage macro lenses aren't easy to precisely manual-focus towards infinity settings, there isn't as much angle-of-rotation for the focus ring at those distances as there is on a lens that doesn't also focus down to macro distances. With Sigma's focus implementation (by wire, and I presume variable depending on how fast I turn it, as most of their lenses designed for mirrorless supposedly are), I'm hoping that MF on this macro lens will allow good precision even at longer distances.

Thanks in advance.

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