Upgrading from Canon 60d

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Re: Upgrading from Canon 60d

Martin_99 wrote:

What is your budget? Are you happy with your lenses or did you feel that you miss something? Reach? Wider angles? Macro? Lowlight performance? What you didn't like on your camera?

Thanks a lot for the reply Martin. 
Budget I would ideally like at around 1000$ but can try to stretch to 1500 or even 2000 $ for camera and one lens.

18-55 is good lens. 70-300 is without IS. I bought it because it was lot cheaper than the one with IS in those days.  It is tough to take far away focused photos in that if I don’t carry a tripod. Hit and miss with the 70-300

So what I would like next is just a kit lens eg 18-55 or something with fixed aperture, if possible.  If not, I would add a prime lens. I am not very keen on zoom. But may plan to add it later on as and when I get a bit of cash. I love macros but cannot focus that much closer with current lens. Lowlight was not good as well. Level of detail is not what I expect it to be.

focus points. Current camera seems too focused on the centre. And it’s all weighed on the Center. Switching to a different focus in the photo is not as easy as say a touch system.

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