Upgrading from Canon 60d

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Re: Upgrading from Canon 60d

John Crowe wrote:

It is certainly worth upgrading the 60D. Covid has certainly hit the supply chain hard. This is a tough time to buy just about anything. If you can buy in store then you know you have the item in your hand. By all accounts it could be six months to a year before the supply chain normalizes. So, perhaps wait it out.

I know nothing about Panasonic, Fuji etc. I always recommend Canon and Nikon for their full systems for the growing photographer. If the typical zooms do what you require by all means choose the camera that best suits your needs. Be sure to try them out in-store so you know what to expect. At least try similar models if the one you want is only available on-line or by pre-order.

Thanks for the reply John. With the new variants of Covid coming out, not sure if it will be ever normal.

The problem is brick and mortar stores sell it at maximum Mrp. S5 body + kit lens sells for 2500 $ in usd currency at offline store.  Online I see it for about 2125 and it is tough to locate a store that would sell it in my area. But u r right, I need to try out at least similar model to get a feel of the system, menu, lens photos etc.

Will try to do that.

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