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Keep in mind that whoever already has a pre-production Z9 for testing received it directly from Nikon as a favor, be it before the official announcement on October 28 or right now, such as Brad Hill and Thom Hogan. For those YouTube influencers, that means a lot of hits on their video and therefore plenty of income. If they slam the Z9, they might as well kiss their favorable relationship with Nikon goodbye. Next time when Nikon introduce the Z9 Mark II or Z8, etc., you can forget about Nikon offering them another pre-production camera again. Who is so stupid to bite the hand that feeds them?

Nikon ambassadors would of course be inclined to offer favorable comments.


But others such as influencers Jared Polin and Matt Granger, who have already commented, and Thom Hogan, who is just getting started, have no vested interest in raising the Nikon flag. I don’t believe they are, or will be, beholden to Nikon one bit for a Z9 loan. If they identify shortcomings of the Z9 in the face of all the glowing reviews, they’ll get plenty of hits anyway. And if those less-than-flattering remarks appear fair and accurate, that will simply give them more credibility in the long run. IMO, Nikon doesn’t feed them anymore than does Sony or Canon.

Actually I think Thom Hogan's business is tightly tied to Nikon. I sort of know Thom and communicate with him once in a while. I know he reads these forums and occasionally I receive feedback from him on my comments here. It is obvious that Thom's income includes referrals to B&H purchases through his web site and his eBooks. Thom also leads photo trips, which are seriously affected by Covid, and recently he is doing on-line photo courses that charge a fee.

It is very much in Thom's interest to promote Nikon so that people purchase from B&H through his referral links and purchase his Nikon eBooks. I am sure Thom has enough integrity that he is not going to falsely promote Nikon or other products. However, in the last decade or so, I found Thom's overly critical comments on Nikon very puzzling because, in term, that has to affect his book sales.

Remember Nikon officially announced the Z9 on October 28, 2021. A few days later, Paul's Photo, a camera store in the Los Angeles area, invited Thom to do an on-line session on the Z9 and posted the recording to YouTube on November 3. That video is 2 hours and 43 minutes long. I have to admit that I did not sit through nearly 3 hours, but I watched a significant portion of that video, in which Paul's Photo asked people to pre-order and threw in a free CFexpress card as incentive.

A day after that video was posted to YouTube, this was what I wrote to Thom Hogan via e-mail: "I watched significant parts of your video with Paul's Photo. You sounded a lot more positive about Nikon in the video, compared to your web site. The video is quite informative, but almost 3 hours is very long."

It is possible, of course, that Thom hasn't been dependent on Nikon for his livelihood but has used and appreciated Nikon cameras for decades. Remember that his time in high tech allowed him to retire early from it, and to pursue other careers such as outdoor magazine publishing. Contrast his output to the bombast and cant of most internet influencers. Which speaks of parasitic dependence?

Also note that Thom’s current pick for top all-rounder is a Sony, and the B&H links are in place on his sansmirror site. Nikon is his main wheelhouse but I wouldn’t say he’s got blinders on.

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