Suggestion for Canon SX40 Replacement

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Re: Suggestion for Canon SX40 Replacement

If you want 2000mm and decent image quality (better by a little, I think, than the SX40), the P950 is a good choice. However, it weighs over 2 pounds, which is an obstacle for some. I have the 3-pound plus P1000, so the P950 is lighter and smaller. If I wanted to take a close-up picture of someone in a crowd 100+ meters from me (probably 150 meters plus), I would take a P950. I used to go to track meets in Eugene, Oregon. A famous coach was sitting in the stands on the opposite side of the track. I was able to get a decent shot of him with a P900, the predecessor to the P1000 and P950. Yes, you could use a DSLR or MFT camera with a big zoom lens. It will be bigger and weigh much more.  If you are close enough it may work. If you can rent a P950, give it a try. The P900 is a decent camera, too, but its EVF is too small for me, and there are now RAW files with it.

MPB, which I have good experience with, has a used P950 in excellent condition for $719.  KEH doesn't have any for sale right now.

NikonUSA store has none on sale, but they are on backorder.

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