A7C and 50GM as an everyday carry?

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Re: A7C and 50GM as an everyday carry?

ilumo wrote:

I have a7c as my daily driver and the 50gm isn’t that bad in terms of size. That said I’m used to larger lens. Even the 135gm wasn’t too bad when I was shooting with it a few weeks back. I don’t like using straps as I feel like they get in the way, and a hood for me is not useful and just makes the overall package bigger and more prone to bump into things. I just slap a filter in front of the lens to protect and and then I’m usually pretty care to not bang it around when using it. When I need to set it down, it will go back into my shoulder bag or it will go on a soft surface that won’t scratch the lens

Man, people's size/weight tolerances sure do vary a lot.  To me that looks like it'd be pretty uncomfortable to carry for any extended period of time, not just because of the size and weight, but also the reduced grip height and depth of the A7c.  I find my Sigma 105 macro (which is slightly longer but lighter) to be a total drag to carry around, even with my A7RIV with mieke grip extender.  Oh well, different strokes and all that...

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