FPL worst camera of the year.

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Re: FPL worst camera of the year.

Alice732 wrote:

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Both worst video camera and worst still camera.



I would agree, it's basically a slightly cheaper way to get the A7RIV sensor, with tones of compromises.

I would spend more and get an A7RIV any day.

The new sensor just adds more problems to the original fp

  • no IBIS very hard to take advantage of the pixel density
  • even slower readout speed further compounding the no mechanical shutter problem
  • even slower readout speed making video unusable, which was like half the selling point of the camera

It's a senseless product, they would've done so much better if they put the A7SIII sensor in it, which we now know is quad-bayer. So how about you put that in, and also enable the full 48mp mode as an option, that would actually make the camera better instead of worse.

I don't think so. It is a cheaper way to get the A7RIV sensor. And you can use L-mount lenses. And you get a very modular camera system.

Yea but there's no reason to use L-Mount when E-Mount has better cheaper lenses.

The downsides are clear as well, the slow readout speed for stills images being the worst in my point of view. IBIS can be replaced with stabilized lenses,

No it can't, many of the best lenses available on both L and E mount aren't stabilized.

even though I accept that IBIS can be more effective and can be used with every lense.

Readout speed for video is fast enough. 30 fps in 4k and 120 fps in Full HD. I wouldn't call this unusable. Or do you?

yes I do, it's by far the slowest of any mirrorless camera.

You may want to check this again. The Sony A7RIV has exactly the same specs for video.

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