A surreal Journey in a Suspended Sicily

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Re: A surreal Journey in a Suspended Sicily

Ken60 wrote:

The point you raise is to me a very interesting one. I once read that someone photographed around their home to get the best shots, because everything was so familiar that for something to "stand out" it had to be very noteworthy. Unlike a new place where everything is confused by the new smells and sounds, almost distracting the senses.

Well, it's just a different kind of experience: looking with attention means awareness to a lot of details you may miss at a first glance.

However I would suggest that the opposite is also true, in that the specific knowledge of a place can also become like a dialect that ostracises the casual viewer from this incestuous conversation.

Agree. There is this risk, also. But going a bit out of stereotypes may help with a more fresh look.

Art is art, and its study of colour, shape, line and texture has its own language that transcends alpha characters of word , and so it becomes a universal language ..... but to that level it is graphic and alluring. Your images seem to me to fall between the universal language of Art ( geometric colours of architecture) and the incestuous language of familiarity created out of your relationship with the place. At times I don't feel it is Sicilian, not the canned version I have been fed thus far. No doubt you are right , and my vision is naïve , but it is me that has to press the buy now !

The fact that it may look, in some photographs, not strictly "Sicilian" is, for me, an added value. There are, however, a lot of explicit references to places that are still easy to recognise, as Mt. Etna for instance.

Thank you for the valuable comment: Hope you press the "buy now" button indeed

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