R5... Lets talk batteries.

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R5... Lets talk batteries.

Yes, I'm sure batteries have been discussed here 600 X's.... And honestly, in this case, I have not even done a search. I just feel as if their are so many variables to this discussion, that I would still have a very hard time finding info, that pertained to my exact use of the camera, specifically.

Anyway, I'm coming from a Canon 6D 'with' a battery grip, that could probably take 3000+ shots on a fresh charge ! So of course I've been very concerned about battery life in my new R5. I've read (and watched) some reviews that actually sounded very promising... and some, not so much.

Here is my exact situation. My R5 will also have a battery grip from day one.

So my first question is, is it going to be okay to run the one, brand new OEM battery along with one of my older batteries ? Of course I'd prefer to have two of the brand new ones, but groceries are going to be hard enough to buy, after my R5 + 150-600 + extras purchase, as it is. Honestly, if this is just an absolute NO ! It will ruin my camera on the first click... Then I'd just have to put the new battery away for 6 months, until I can afford another OEM battery.... Then again, I believe I can use the grip, with only one battery in it, correct ?

Second, are my aftermarket batteries going to slow my frame rates to a very noticeable degree ? Of course I'm going to be playing with both mechanical and digital shutter, at least at first, to get an idea for what works best for me.

I guess I should mention (concerning frame rates) that I have already almost decided that I will be shooting cRAW, as going by many photo examples, I can't see a difference. This might change when I'm looking at my own shots at 100% on my 4K screen... Also, I believe I have some of the fastest CF and SD cards (both 128MB) cards that one can get.

Oh, and I (have) never shot videos.... although I might play around with this a little with my new R5.

Anyway, I'm sure a bunch of you already had several old batteries laying around when you got your new R5. How did that new battery compare to your old ones ?

PS, One more thing, my Canon 6D has a menu item which tells the condition of the batteries after charge. I think 6 of my 7 show 100% when fully charged. One shows 99 or 98%... If any of my old batteries have any degradation, it not really noticeable. I'm sure their has to be a little though.

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