Movie film pixel ratings?

Started Dec 3, 2021 | Discussions thread
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Re: Movie film pixel ratings?

I'd like to thank everyone who shared their insights.
My basic motivation for asking was that I've got an Canon R5, I do lots of still shots as a hobby, and that's motivated me to do more video.
I've used 8K only to provided extra zoom by cropping. For example I have videoed Pacific Sea Otters with their young at ranges of 100-200 yards so being able to crop down and still have 1 or 4K is useful.
But I was wondering if 1K or 4K was good enough for other random videos I might make.
I ask because I've only got a 1080p TV and my iMac display isn't representative of what people will see if I upgrade to a 4k TV in the future.  Hence I want to make sure that what I do collect now won't look horrible later.
Based on what people here are saying it sounds like 4K, which the Canon can shoot forever without overheating, is fine.
Thanks again!

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