Suggestion for Canon SX40 Replacement

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Re: Suggestion for Canon SX40 Replacement

robbo2 wrote:

Others have some good ideas. Here are mine.

The SX40 had not bad picture quality for a small sensor superzoom camera in 2012. I had the even longer zoomed SX50 for a couple of years. I liked it except for the small OVF.

I have the RX10 IV now. It's a different kind of beast. It zooms optically out to 600 mm and out to 1200 with enhanced digital zoom. I think it's better than the average digital zoom, but that's just my opinion.

It's built sturdy. It takes pictures so fast. It's probably the best superzoom.

If you are happy with your image quality with the SX40, consider the Nikon P950. It's much bigger than the SX40 but its OVF is much, much better. I just checked the prices on Amazon and, wow, it's expensive now. However, if you can find one for $800 or less (new) or $700 or less refurbished, I think it's a good deal. The zoom range is more than double that of the SX40.

Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide on.

I'm curious as to why you recommend the P950 when you also say that you believe the RX10 IV is the best superzoom. Is it due to the cost differential, the zoom difference, or something else?

Every day, I've been checking Nikon's website to see if I can catch a refurbished P950 but no luck yet.  The good thing is that I'm not in a rush.  My next trip isn't scheduled until early March so I have some time.  That said, I've been hoping to take advantage of some of the holiday sales that are going one right now.

I'll add one more reason why zoom is such a big issue for me.  My son is a plebe at West Point.  We have visited him a total of three time so far.  For at least two (maybe all three) of those times, we have been able to watch the Corps of Cadets march on the parade grounds.  Trying to pick out a single cadet in a group of 4,000+ is not easy to do from a distance.  The OVF of the SX40 is too small and too course for me to easily pick out my son (and I didn't find the LCD screen much more helpful) so I found myself taking zoomed in photos of every company and then later trying to find him in the photos using my computer screen.  So, I definitely need a camera that no only will have the zoom reach but also the OVF and/or LCD screen (I prefer the OVF) I need to spot my son in future parades.    And, of course, I very much enjoying taking photos of the parachute team when they do their thing so something good for action would be nice.  So, I was thinking that if the Sony's enhanced digital zoom would provide at least the same (if not better IQ) than my SX40, that would give me even more reach than I have now, and the Sony has a better OVF and LCD screen.  Maybe the same could be said for the P950, which would give me longer optical zoom without then need for digital zoom. But is its IQ as good as the Sony?

Again, I really appreciate your advice and input.  It sucks that so few places have cameras in stock these days.  It's not like I can just drive to my local Best Buy to see the contenders in person like I used to be able to do several years ago.

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