What if the FFF is $3,000?

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D Cox wrote:

Scottelly wrote:

D Cox wrote:

dan_darkroom wrote:

dan_darkroom wrote:

mdavidp wrote:

Yes, I would buy ANY Foveon camera.

I would prefer an L mount improved SDQH though.

Mike P

There would definitely be a market for a modernized SDQ (but for obvious reasons with the same sensor).

My wishlist:

  • L-Mount
  • Potentially faster processor
  • Better EV
  • Flipscreen
  • Wifi/GPS

One thing that would be great: Apps!

But not like Sony, where people that don't know the camera create apps that don't really function, I prefer Sigma to create..... nothing! Simple make an Open Source API.

That would be nice, but the problem is support costs.


Support costs?

Staff to sort out people who phone in saying: "I wrote this app and now my camera doesn't work at all".


Honestly, (more a question to Dan than to Don), who needs apps in a camera? Apps for what? A camera is a camera is a camera.... If you need apps, buy a smart phone. Of course, this is only my very personal poinmt of view. So maybe, someone can give a good example for a useful app on a camera.

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