Setting up a file for printing - image size?

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Setting up a file for printing - image size?

Hi there

When I print at home I print from the highest resolution version of the file I have available, irrespective of the size of the print, and use the printer dialogue box to determine the size of the output. The results are consistently fine (Canon Pixma Pro) but this may be the wrong approach, and may explain the confusion I'm experiencing now that I'm sending a file to a digital print shop.

Here are their instructions:


  • Save files as PDF's. File - Save as - Photoshop PDF - High Quality Print setting
  • Make sure your file is 300DPI
  • Make sure your file is the correct size for what you need. Image - Image Size
  • Make sure your image is 8 Bit Colour. Image - Mode - 8Bits/Channel

They must mean PPI. This is a little odd as the Epson printers they're printing on have a native resolution of 360DPI or 720DPI, so I'm not sure why they request 300.

I sent them some files and have received the following reply:

You have requested you images to be a very specific size, but you have not made them that size. There is no way for me to just automatically make your images the right size from the software we use to print.

If I resample the file to 20 x 15cm, for example, surely that will compromise the print quality?

If I resize the file without resampling, won't the PPI be much too high (1000+)?

I'm not afraid to concede that I don't have a clue what I'm doing (you may have guessed), so any insight would be welcome.

I've never truly understood the relationship between PPI and resolution despite reading on the subject, so if anyone has an easy to understand resource it would be welcome.

Thanks in advance

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