Upgrading from Canon 60d

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Upgrading from Canon 60d

Hello All,

I had a Canon 60d from few years, but i never really bothered much with learning the Manual mode. Mostly used to put it in Auto and used to click photos. I had just bought the camera and never got the free classes for photography basics that comes with the product. I tried the Manual mode few times and ended up with worst results.

1) photos were too dark

2) no focus

3) photos were blurry, etc

and ended up missing few important shots.

So i mostly stuck with Auto Mode and then occasionally Programmable Auto. Experimented only with shutter speed mostly to capture waterfalls, street photos, photos of trailing lights etc.

I have 2 lens - 18-55mm and 70-300mm with IS

But nevertheless, I have ended up taking few good photos over the last 6 years from various mobile phones/cameras.

You might ask me why I need a camera? Altough phone systems have improved a lot, i have observed photos captured in dslr/mirrorless just exceed expectations in most cases with clarity/level of detail etc.

I started taking up serious interest in photography since January this year, as i took it upon myself to learn/perfect a new hobby.

Got the camera body cleaned, lenses serviced. Got on to Learning manual mode - f stops, shutter speed, iso, different kinds of sensors, basic editing, also did go thru a ton of content on youtube, etc

I have been taking photos with 60d , i feel it lacking in manual mode and auto mode as well. pictures are not what i expect it to be. some part of it is definitely because of my inexperience but some part of it is also due to the camera.

There was serious laggy video recording, which i later identified to be a bug in sd card. I replaced the card and it was solved.

I think I am at somewhere between beginner and enthusiast level now. where existing device is not satisfactory and want to upgrade to a device where i can continue to learn this new skill. I am also focussed on improving to my skills by participating in as many challenges that happen here, etc. Any other way in which i can improve, i will take it. I wont switch to a photography profession but would definitely like to get very good at it.

Camera systems have come a long way since 60d. there is touchscreen, animal/human eye tracking, ibis, sensors have improved, etc so that was reason behind thinking of upgrading.

I dont mind selling off the canon 60d and the lens as they are kit lens that came with the camera. I also have a buyer lined up for that.

Canon users - please do not be offended, but I never really liked the canon menu system as well. so i was thinking to buy from a new manufacturer.

I am really keen on buying panasonic, as i have had good experience with their electronic appliances. nikon was almost not available in my country, but i can see some stocks today - 1 or 2 devices per model, but devices are too old 3500, 5600. i am not sure what is the issue. sony is almost in the same state - 6000, 6100, 6400, 6600 is not available. i can wait for stocks but not sure if there is 1 device and it has an issue how can i get a replacement, if there is fault with the camera i get. Canon are available(few models) but would like to try something else. Fujifilm is there. Olympus is available, but i dont really know how it is.

I saw the s5 and am blown away by the product but it is out of my budget. i can buy it on a loan but it will definitely turn out to be too costly with interest. i can probably wait for 4-6 months to buy it with my own savings.

My main purpose is to use it for personal use and mainly for portraits, few landscapes, and mostly during travel, etc. Rarely or no videos. So i have a few questions to the experts here -

1) is it a good decision to upgrade from d60 now? it was a good camera definitely but its almost 11 years old now.

2) is s5 worth the wait and buying after 4-6 months?

3) any other panasonic camera are there which i fit into my budget and requirements?

4) any other camera from other manufacturers like fujifilm that might fit into my budget.

I have been reading tons of forum articles on dpreview and various camera reviews as well, but liked to post my specific confusion here.

Canon EOS 60D Panasonic Lumix DC-S5
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